​​New Day Entertainment Group 

The Void. The Vision. The VOYAGE.

The Void \ empty space \ : As the 13th largest metropolitan city in the United States, Indianapolis is not only the capital of Indiana, it also happens to serve as the crossroads of America.  As such, it is the perfect breeding ground for new events and opportunities to connect urban professionals.
The Vision \ the act or power of seeing \ : Known as the convention capital of the world, over 21 million visitors convene in Indianapolis annually for various reasons.  In addition to the growing resident population, Indianapolis provides the perfect mix of urban, style, and sophistication.  Exposing the musical talent of independent artists through an eclectic mix of events affords the “Hoosier” (affectionate term to describe Indiana residents) with the opportunity to experience the New Day Entertainment Group vision:  Music. Events. Networking.
The Voyage \ go on a journey \ : Let New Day Entertainment Group guide you through the Indianapolis community connecting people, places, and events.


Q:  Who is New Day Entertainment Group?
A:  New Day Entertainment Group is a conglomerate of urban professionals who meet under a common purpose and appreciation for Music. Events. Networking.
Q:  How can I partner with New Day Entertainment Group?
A:  All partnerships and/or sponsors are encouraged to visit our Advertising/Sponsorship page as well as email us directly.
Q:  How long has New Day Entertainment Group been in existence?
A:  New Day Entertainment Group began its plight in 2007 to brand Indianapolis as the “true” crossroads of America for urban professionals to come together and combine their love of music in a social atmosphere.  Since then, New Day Entertainment Group continues to broaden its scope to include the events and ideas of its loyal members by expanding beyond music into a social networking platform for urban professionals.  Be sure to visit our events page